Applied Teams
11th Annual Sarah Parvin Memorial Soccerfest
 Under 9
   QSC Pumas
Valley Storm (PA)
Vikings FC (PA)
 Under 11
   Boyertown SC United
Patriots '08
QSC Impact
Quakertown Fury Blue
Quakertown Fury White
UMYA Lightning (PA)
VSC Raptors
 Under 12
   All fired up (PA)
Fly Eagles Fly (PA)
Pemberton Heat (NJ)
QSC Predators
Warminster Black Storm - 1 (PA)
Warminster Black Storm - 2 (PA)
 Under 13
   Harleysville Titans (PA)
North Parkland Hooligans (PA)
Palisades Boom 1 (PA)
QSC Warriors - Blue (PA)
QSC Warriors - White (PA)
U13 Blasters
UGH United #1 (PA)
UGH United #2 (PA)
UPM Archers (PA)
Valley Venom (PA)
 Under 14
   Boyertown SC 04 United
DC Conrads
Harleysville Hype (PA)
QSC Cobras
Upper Perkertown
 Under 15
   Bensalem Benchwarmers (PA)
BSC 03 Boys (PA)
Die Jungen
Palisades Boom 2 (PA)
The Meme Team (PA)
   2 Goals 1 Cup
Bethlehem Boys (PA)
Bits & Pieces (PA)
Hulmeville Strikers (PA)
Pemberton United
QSC Blue Devils 1 (PA)
Qsc Blue Devils 2 (PA)
QSC Phoenix
SSA Galaxy (PA)
U16 Smashers
Your moms a keeper
   Abcde FC
FC Blacked Out (PA)
Gunners (PA)
Kelme FC
Lampire FC
Last Second (PA)
Legends FC (PA)
Lutron FC
ManChestHair United
Mark Wahlberg's Cousins (PA)
Mighty Ducks (PA)
Mommy, Daddy and the Kidz (PA)
Past Our Prime
Pocket Rockets
 Over 30
   Barce-loners (PA)
Cardinal's Wild Animus (PA)
FC Juicebox
Living in the Past (PA)
Own Goal
QSC Old Guns
Vikings FC Dads
 Under 9
   Harleysville Rangers (PA)
Qsc Fusion (PA)
QSC Titans
Souderton Sparks (PA)
 Under 11
LVU Black
PA Rush 07 girls
Pemberton Crush
QSC Blast Blue
QSC Blast White
Souderton Storm (PA)
Triboro Titans 07
Vipers Blue
Vipers Gold
 Under 12
   Boujee Ballers (PA)
Goal Crushers
PA Rush 06 Girls (PA)
PQ United
QSC Freedom 1 (PA)
QSC Freedom 2 (PA)
TSC Awesome Peoples 2.0 (PA)
 Under 13
   Fleetwood (PA)
Quakertown Soccer Club Huskies 1
Quakertown Soccer Club Huskies 2
Twin Valley Storm (PA)
Warminster Impact (PA)
 Under 14
   ABCDE FC (PASC Mutiny)
NW Tigers (PA)
Parkwood Flames (NJ)
PASC Vipers (PA)
QSC Force 1 (PA)
QSC Force 2
SL Black Lightning (PA)
Souderton Cyclones (PA)
Towamencin Tigers 1 (PA)
Towamencin Tigers 2 (PA)
Twin Valley Fireballs (PA)
 Under 15
SL Spartans (PA)
The Kratz Effect
Warrior Princesses
   Blue Panthers
Coventry Rage (PA)
Doing it for Grandpa (PA)
FC Amity Twisters 02 (PA)
Hulmeville Bananas
Kutztown Almost Kool Kids
Kutztown Kool Kats
Langhorne Fury
LNUSC Lightning
Local misfits
Northwestern Tigers
SL Blue
SL White
Wildcats (PA)
 Under 15
   Boyertown Steel Force (PA)
Red Cardz (PA)
11 Deep
Boats n Hoes (PA)
Boone Benchwarmers (PA)
Cream Soda Boys (PA)
Do Y'all Card?
Equipo Lightning (PA)
FC En Fuego (PA)
Hooligans (PA)
Incognitos (PA)
Megged (PA)
Really Stinky (PA)
Rowdy Emus (PA)
Sky Highs (PA)
Soccer Team #27 (PA)
Solemates (PA)
Straight Off The Couch
The Bandits (PA)
The Benchwarmers (PA)
The Goons (PA)
The Hash Slinging Slashers
The Parvin Process (PA)
The rejects (PA)
treyway (PA)
Victorious Secret (PA)
   About to Get Messi (PA)
Andy and the Carrollers
Balls and Vitamins
Creep's Peeps (PA)
Dribble Fo'Shizzle
Elite Striking Unit (PA)
Formally In Shape AllStars (PA)
Go Easy On Us (PA)
Goal Diggers
Hooligans (PA)
Kutztown Ballers (PA)
Kutztown Ballers 2
Look Ma No Hands
LV Otters
NE United
Pemberton International
Scrambled Legs (PA)
Team Awesome (PA)
Team Random
The G.O.A.Ts (PA)
Thunder Down Under
Tradesmen FC
Twisted Ankles (PA)
Two goals one cup
 Over 30
   Balls & Dolls (PA)
Breakers with Boys
Give Up the Dream (PA)
Here Comes The BOOM
Irish Car Bombs
Just Messi'n Around
Kick Some Grass (PA)
NE Old Heads
Netsix & Chill (PA)
Never Too Many Shots
Old School Valley Kickers (PA)
Phantoms (PA)
Pitch Unperfect II
Qtown Dill
S.O.S. (PA)
Snafu (PA)
Still Strong (PA)
The Misfits