Applied Teams
11th Annual Sarah Parvin Memorial Soccerfest
 Under 11
   UMYA Lightning (PA)
 Under 12
   All fired up (PA)
 Under 13
   UGH United (PA)
UGH United #2 (PA)
 Under 15
   BSC 03 Boys (PA)
   2 Goals 1 Cup
Bethlehem Boys (PA)
Bits & Pieces (PA)
   Lampire FC
Legends FC (PA)
Lutron FC
Mommy, Daddy and the Kidz (PA)
 Over 30
   Cardinal's Wild Animus (PA)
Living in the Past (PA)
Own Goal
 Under 13
   Quakertown Soccer Club Huskies 1
Quakertown Soccer Club Huskies 2
 Under 15
   MSSC DareDevils 03 (NJ)
   Coventry Rage (PA)
 Under 15
   Boyertown Steel Force (PA)
Gutta (PA)
Hooligans FC (PA)
Megged (PA)
The Benchwarmers (PA)
   Andy and the Carrollers
Formally In Shape AllStars (PA)
Hooligans (PA)
Look Ma No Hands
LV Otters
Pemberton International
 Over 30
   Balls & Dolls (PA)
Breakers with Boys
Old School Valley Kickers (PA)
Qtown Dill
Snafu (PA)
Still Strong (PA)