Applied Teams
10th Annual Sarah Parvin Memorial SoccerFest
 Under 10
   '07 Boyertown United
Pemberton Warriors (NJ)
QSC Fury (PA)
Quakertown Impact
Team Decembrino (PA)
Valley Raptors 07
Valley Vortex (PA)
 Under 11
   Hulmeville Attack (PA)
Pemberton Heat (NJ)
QSC Predators Blue
QSC Predators Red
Qsc predators white
UMYA 2007 Boys (PA)
WL Fire (PA)
 Under 12
FC Steel
Midnight Metalurh (PA)
QSC Warriors Blue
QSC Warriors White
The Gunners (PA)
UGH Anti-Venom (PA)
UGH Carnage (PA)
Valley Venom (PA)
 Under 13
   04 BSC United (PA)
Bensalem Benchwarmers
Cobras United
FC Cobras 2
Harleysville FC (PA)
Valley AA Wolverines (PA)
Valley Vikings
 Under 15
   Harleysville (PA)
Pemberton United (NJ)
QSC Chaos
Souderton Flames
SSA Galaxy (PA)
VSC Crew
   98 Lightning (PA)
Chocolate Thunder (PA)
Deptford Zombies
Kelme FC (PA)
No Sleep FC (PA)
Parkwood Vikings
QSC blue devils 1
QSC blue devils 2
Rich Gang (PA)
team Amigos
Toe Succers
Vipers (PA)
   Abcde FC (PA)
Bush League
Colettie Spaghetti (PA)
Gettin Messi 2 (PA)
Legends FC (PA)
Lutron FC (PA)
Past Our Prime
Scrub R Us (NJ)
 Over 30
   Cardinals Wild Animus (PA)
Langhorne Charge United Ready to Retire (PA)
Own Goal
Quakertown SC
Team Crew
 Under 10
   Beatrice's Blasters
Catty BOOM (PA)
Pemberton Crush (NJ)
QSC Stampede
QSC Titans
Rush Mixed Up
Souderton Storm #1 (PA)
Souderton Storm #2 (PA)
The Well, Well, Whams
Triboro SC 07 Titans
 Under 12
   Lady Tigers (PA)
QSC Freedom Blue (PA)
QSC Freedom Red
QSC Freedom White
QSC Huskies 1
QSC Huskies 2
QSC Huskies 3
Twin Valley Storm (PA)
 Under 13
   Bridesburg Cougars
FC Monster Mash
Fireballs (PA)
Kick Some Grass 1 (PA)
Kick Some Grass 2 (PA)
Langhorne 2004 Crushers (PA)
NYAA Lady Tigers (PA)
PASC United (PA)
Philly Storm (PA)
QSC Force (PA)
QSC Force 2 (PA)
Souderton Cyclones (PA)
Steel Force (PA)
 Under 14
   Burning Ham F.C. (PA)
LNU Power
NYAA Lady Tigers (PA)
Pemberton Pride
QSC Strikers Strong Blue
QSC Strikers Strong White
The Divine Nine (PA)
Warrior Princesses
 Under 15
   Amity Twisters White (PA)
Catty Storm
Coventry 02G (PA)
Hulmeville Bananas (PA)
Parkwood Stars (PA)
QSC White Tigers 1
   Amity Blue Panthers U18G (PA)
Amity Blue Twisters (PA)
kutztown FC
LA Fury
Langhorne Charge United (PA)
Langhorne Lightning Blue
Langhorne Lightning Red (PA)
QSC White Tigers 2
Savage (PA)
Warriors Black
Warriors White
Armor Abs Crabs (PA)
Average Joe's Gym
Ball Busters (PA)
Ball of Duty
Cream Soda Boyz
Eddie & The Cruisers Tu (PA)
FC En Fuego (PA)
Gang Gang
Goal Diggers
Hooligans FC (PA)
Junior Disasters
Low Expectations
Lower South Soccer
LV Extreme (PA)
Molasses Ballers (PA)
Prestige Worldwide (PA)
The Bulls (PA)
The Goonies
The Plugs
The Sea Men
The Synergy (PA)
Thunder buddies (PA)
Thunder Down Under
Tu Strong (PA)
Vicious And Delicious
Wink (PA)
XxX (PA)
   Ball of Duty
Ballerz (PA)
Balls and Beaches (PA)
Dum-Dumbs (PA)
FC Amity Blue Lightning (PA)
GB packers
Hattrick Heros (PA)
Hooligans (PA)
It's gonna get Messi
Langhorne Charge United (PA)
Los Jarritos (PA)
NE United
net six and chill
Pemberton international
Psych (PA)
Rush Hour 2.0 (PA)
Soccer Mbappérs (PA)
Still strong (PA)
Super Friends
Team Random
The Dark Knights
The Pit Crew
The Team Formally Known As Field 3B
Tribe (PA)
 Over 30
   Ball Blasters
Breakers with Boys
Here Comes The Boom
Irish Car Bombs (PA)
Kick Some Grass (PA)
LTI Dragons (PA)
Merck Rejects
NE Old Heads
Net Six & Chill (PA)
Never Too Many Shots (PA)
Old School (PA)
Phantoms (PA)
Pitch Unperfect (PA)
Qtown Dill (PA)
Senior Twisters (PA)
Soccer Nuts (PA)
Storm Wanna Bees (PA)
Team SOS (PA)