Applied Teams
2019 Winter Classic QSC 3v3 Indoor
 Under 9
   Arsenal Black
Arsenal Red
BSC Union Grey
BSC Union Red
Carbon United Crush (PA)
DPR 10M Classic 1
DPR 10M Classic 2
Pennridge Gunners 2010 (1)
Pennridge Gunners 2010 (2)
QSC Riptide Blue (PA)
QSC Riptide White (PA)
Valley Venom (PA)
Warrington Blue (PA)
Warrington Gray (PA)
Warrington Red (PA)
Warrington White (PA)
WRA Liverpool 11 (PA)
YTP Academy (PA)
 Under 10
   BSC 2009 Boys United Black (NY)
BSC 2009 Boys United Grey (NY)
Buckingham United Blue
Buckingham United Blue ICE
 Under 11
   Buckingham United Green 2008 1 (PA)
Buckingham United Green 2008 2 (PA)
Buckingham United Green 2008 3 (PA)
Carbon United Renegades Blue (PA)
Carbon United Renegades Green (PA)
Penn Athletics Patriots Red (PA)
Penn Athletics Patriots White (PA)
QSC Pumas (PA)
Quakertown Fury Blue
Quakertown Fury Blue 2
Quakertown Fury Blue 3
Quakertown Fury White
Quakertown Fury White 2
St. Thomas More - Red (PA)
St. Thomas More - White (PA)
 Under 12
   Blue 2007 (PA)
QSC Impact Blue
QSC Impact White
QSC Impact Yellow
Valley Raptors White (PA)
 Under 13
   QSC Predators 1
QSC Predators 2
QSC Predators 3
QSC Predators 4
QSC Predators 5
QSC Predators 6
QSC Predators 7
QSC Predators 8
Whitpain 06 United Black (PA)
Whitpain 06 United Green (PA)
 Under 15
   Buckingham United Black (PA)
Buckingham United Blue (PA)
Buckingham United Red (PA)
Buckingham United White (PA)
 Under 16 - 19 High School
   qsc blue devils 1 (PA)
qsc blue devils 2 (PA)
Qsc blue devils 3 (PA)
Qsc blue devils 4 (PA)
 Under 9
   BUSC U9 Blue G1 (PA)
BUSC U9 Blue G2 (PA)
LMYA Blaze 1
LMYA Blaze 2
Qsc Fusion 1
Qsc Fusion 2
Qsc Fusion 3
YTP Academy (PA)
 Under 10
   QSC Titans
QSC Titans 2
 Under 11
   Blast White X
Blast White Y
Blast White Z
Warrington Lightning (PA)
 Under 12
   Blast Blue X
Blast Blue Y
Blast Blue Z
Triple Threat
 Under 13
Outcasts (PA)
Pts (PA)
QSC Freedom Blue
QSC Freedom Green
QSC Freedom Red (PA)
QSC Freedom White
The Fireballs (PA)
Triple Threat (PA)
Ukrainian Black (PA)
Ukrainian Blue (PA)
 Under 14
   QSC Huskies 1 (PA)
QSC Huskies 2 (PA)
QSC Huskies 3 (PA)
 Under 16 - 19 High School
   Upper Darby FC Phoenix
 Under 11
   QSC Richland AFNE
QSC The e-lemon-ators (PA)