The ADVANCE Program

The ADVANCE Program for U8 players (8 years old and under) will provide a player centric Developmental program that focuses on creating a nurturing, educational soccer environment


Quakertown Soccer Club is proud to be on the cutting edge of the latest coaching systems and is instituting the ADVANCE Program, along with other local soccer clubs in the area, to accelerate the development of our U8 players as a means of preparing them for competitive travel soccer. The program will incorporate the best new coaching techniques for younger players that stress player development while keeping the competitive nature of that development appropriate for their age. As a club we have decided that investing in our youngest players makes a ton of sense and allows players to proceed on with soccer feeling confident in their abilities and capable of progressing in a more controlled and systematic manner.
So what is ADVANCE and how does it work? Why is it different from Travel Soccer and what are the advantages?
ADVANCE is open to players of either gender below the cutoff age of 8 years of age as of August 31. Players will have practices twice weekly during the Fall, with a professional trainer and once a week with the coaches. The players in the program will participate in 4 “Festival” days during the Fall season. These festival days will be held at a local soccer club venue and will allow for the players to be broken up into teams who will play against teams from other clubs. It is expected that ADVANCE player teams will play anywhere from 3 to 6 games per Festival depending on format used (ie 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6 or 8v8). Each club will have their festival in a different format which will allow players to progress to larger sided games in a controlled fashion. Although games will be competitive, the emphasis will be on development of soccer skills and game understanding, NOT on winning.
• Provide appropriate competition
• Provide appropriate training to game ratio
• Provide more “touches on the ball” per game
• Encourage creative freedom in training & in games
• Create free player movement within the club (no set rosters)
• Reduce fear of failure by eliminating the pressure of winning games with more emphasis on individual player development
• Eliminate labeling players as “A” & “B” players at such a young age thus enhancing the development process
• Appropriate travel to play time ratio
• Less or no players sitting on the bench "waiting to get in to play"
• Clubs will participate in four festivals in the fall and we expect to offer some optional indoor Winter Festivals as well & two to three festivals in the Spring
• Game formats will include, but are not limited to, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 8v8, free play & ability based games. Players can expect to play in 3-6 games per festival depending on the format.
• “Extra” dates for friendly games with other clubs (clubs can arrange scrimmages)
• Emphasis on players making decisions on the field by coaches limiting their coaching points to natural stoppages & ensuring the players learn the game as they play
• Emphasis on keeping the games flowing by limiting number of time substitutions are made
• Emphasis on setting technical goals during games rather than measuring success by results as there will be no scores or standings kept in any ADVANCE event
Festival dates:
Participating Clubs:
• Quakertown Soccer Club, Valley Soccer Club, Methacton & Harleysville.
• We are capping the participating clubs at 6 local clubs to keep travel time to a minimum.
Is my child good enough to sign up?
The ADVANCE Program was formed with one of the intentions being eliminating the tryout/cut process currently associated with youth soccer. We feel no child U8 or under should be told they can’t play or be cut from a team. Kids develop physically at different times, and the focus of our program is to develop their skills properly so when they are fully developed teenagers they will have the necessary skill set. No child should have their future soccer career ended before it even has the chance to begin.

What is the benefit of training mixed ability players?
Players will benefit from the challenge that is presented through training with players of mixed abilities. Stronger players will be challenged to improve the level of play for all involved and weaker players will be challenged to compete with the stronger players. Not all activities will be mixed-ability; there will also be ability-based competitions where players are grouped with similar skill level players.
What is the Trainer/Coach to player ratio?
There will be a trainer or coach for every 8-10 players.
How will I know if my child will benefit from ADVANCE?
If your child has a love of the game and wants to be further challenged, they will benefit from our development philosophy, quality training sessions, varied game formats and qualified trainers and coaches. This program is designed to give your child the best opportunity for immediate improvement and future success in soccer.