Coaches Resources


QSC Coaching Forms 

  • For the License Reimbursement Form please Click Here.  Once you have completed the coaching course, please complete the reimbursement form and return to the Travel Coordinator.

Great Coaching Resources

  • The US Soccer Curriculum is the primary source for the curriculum to be followed for player development.  You should be familiar with this document and refer to it often.  You can download the curriculum by accessing the website Here.
  • Both US Youth Soccer and US Soccer have excellent Player Development Guidelines.  These can be downloaded Here and Here
  • To download the Official US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual Click Here

  Other Fun Resources and Websites: 

  • You can reach the US Youth Soccer website by clicking Here.  They have many resources you can use.
  • Soccer Skill of the Week Videos.  This one is great for learning foot skills.  The players can do these at home.