No Problem / No Chance



The Quakertown Soccer Club and Sarah Parvin Foundation want you to have an enjoyable experience at the Sarah Parvin SoccerFest.  To answer some basic questions about our onsite requirements, we prepared some responses: 

 We have diced it up into two major categories - No Problem and No Chance - CLICK HERE for the document. 

 Please review and dont be afraid to ask any questions or send any comments.  We are trying to accommodate as many needs as possible while improving the effort and atmosphere each year.  The best tool for having a great time is effort, attitude and patience.  We have alot of people onsite for this and we all must do our best to get along so the soccer and awareness remain our #1 priority.

 Warmest Regards and Have a Great Time!!

 Karen Gingrich
Logistics Coordinator
QSC Sarah Parvin SoccerFest