To all Campers:

The Sarah Parvin SoccerFest Camping will begin Friday, July 20th at 2:00pm.   It is available on a First-Come, First Served basis.  This includes ALL Tent and R/V Parking.  Printable Guidelines are HERE.

CAMPING DETAILS - Please remember that when you are placing your tent(s) to only take the space you absolutely need.  You should also make sure you leave lanes between your campsites so people can get through safely.  If you have tent stakes, please mark them with a cup or something so people can see them at night.  

  • CAMPING RULES - please print out so you are are aware of the basics
  • CAMPSITE WALKWAYS - will be marked with Orange Paint.  We have added Walkways in specific Tent areas so please keep these areas clear of all camping equipment
  • PERIMETER WALKING/RUNNING PATHS - As a rule you should not have your tent or any materials within 5 feet of a these paths.  I would not like to see an Emergency Vehicle or Portable Toilet Service truck NOT be able to get to its destination. 
  • GENERATORS - are NOT permitted in any of the Tent Areas - they are for RVs/Campers ONLY
  • GRILLS - Gas and Electric ONLY anywhere on the grounds.
  • FIREPITS or ANY kind of NON-gas/electric Grills are NOT Permitted anywhere.

There is NO camping between any of the Fields.  I wanted to point this out so you know not to camp there – those areas are for pedestrian traffic, facility vehicles, emergency vehicles and Field Marshals.  Also, the area between that borders the Cemetery is fine, just don’t venture your equipment or cars into the Cemetery – that area is off limits.  If you are not sure, just ask.  Also, please reference the Facility Map – you will see the areas available for camping.

For you RVers:

  • Location - there is plenty of space next to the Quakertown Connie Mack baseball complex but please be aware there is a potential for Foul Balls.  There is really nothing we can do about other than park you away from the areas closest to the field.  It will be park at your own risk so if you are not at all happy, you may move your vehicle to the outside, near the road. 
  • For Trailers - ONLY the Tow Vehicle may stay in RV area.  No other cars are permitted to park in RV and will be asked to move.  Please obey these simple rules.  There is a Drop Off Area right next to RV so you have a convenient location to walk gear in from.  

To all, please drive slowly in the facility and observe all no parking signs.  Richland Township Police will be checking our lots to ticket (and tow, if necessary) violators.  This especially important in the No Parking areas as they are usually potential bottleneck or safety areas.  We have not had any incidents to speak of in 3 years of this event – we’d like to keep it that way – for you.

 We have posted plenty of additional information on our Website for your convenience.  

  • Facility Diagram
  • Parking Maps
  • No Problem/No Chance

These documents were developed to help you plan your event stay as conveniently as possible.  

We will have facility maps posted at the fields to help you out.  

CONTACT - Please contact our Club Registrar, Karen Gingrich,, with any questions.

We hope you all have a fantastic time.  This is such a unique and entertaining event.


Thanks again,

QSC Sarah Parvin SoccerFest