Please review the Parking Map (OVERVIEW), Primary Facility Map - Fields 1-5 (FRIDAY) & (SATURDAY) and Secondary Facility Map - Fields 6-8 (ALL WEEKEND) to help determine the best place for you to park. 
Please look at ALL the documents to help give you a better understanding of parking access and limitations.  You may find better locations based on where your team is playing.  For GPS, the Quakertown Soccer Club is located at:  221 California Rd, Quakertown, PA 18951


  1. Main Parking Lot – this is parking facing Fields 1-5,  Please note this has CHANGED for SATURDAY/SUNDAY this year.  The Parking in front of Field 5 and 2/3 has been eliminated and will host the enlarged Food Court.  This is for Saturday/Sunday only.  Also, the Pass-Through from the Soccer to Football lots will be closed to thru traffic this year to help maintain a safer environement for our guests.  Parking for Fields 2/3 and the Passthrough will be open Friday only.
  2. Football Parking Lot – this is the back of the Complex – Access to all Fields
  3. Baseball Parking Lot – this is the far Southeast Corner on the other Football – This is closest to the RV parking and good access for Field’s 5-8.
  4. Overflow Parking – this is at the Front of the Complex and has 3 general areas - Closest to Fields 1 & 2
    1. Fenced in Area – please park as close as possible
    2. Grass leading up to the Complex Entrance.  Please park straight-in so we can maximize cars
    3. Richland Township Complex – this is a set of Government Buildings.  Please park in any space not cordoned off by Richland Township.  Need I say if you park in a police spot, they may feel inclined to give you a courtesy ticket. 
  5. Offsite Parking
    1. Regal Cinema – there are 200+ spaces across from the Main Entrance of the Facility.  You may only park in the designated area for the Tournament and signs will be posted directing you.  This will take you into the middle of the complex for drop-off and pick-up
    2. Penn-Am/Pacific Drive – there are additional spaces in the open lot across the street behind Fields 4 & 5.  You can access them by driving North past the Soccer Club entrance to the next street, Penn-Am Drive.  Make a right on Penn-Am a then make the first right on Pacific Dr.  Parking is on the left at the first bend in the road – about 200 yards down the street.  We are ONLY permitted to park in the grass on that lot.  The paved area is for a local business and we’ve been asked not to use it.  There is NO Parking on Pacific Drive - There are No parking signs and you will be ticketed as there are construction trucks that come through there and you may risk damage.   
  6.  SHUTTLE SERVICESaturday 8am-8pm. There will be a shuttle bus running from the Regal Parking Lot to the middle of our complex as follows:    It runs on a continuous loop.  If we can pick up and move faster, we will.  Please see the Parking Map for info.




  • TRASH – Please make sure you pick up all the Trash around you.  We have plenty of receptacles for your convenience.
  • ​OFFSITE PARKING – The owners of the Cinema and the Pacific Dr. lot have been gracious enough to lend us their land for this event so we can house additional parking.  Please be mindful of their properties and clean up all loose trash.  Take it with you if you have to or bring it to our onsite dumpster.